The Radio WROCK CD depicts an AM radio broadcast on a summer evening in 1966. 

This collection of original songs, and radio jingles by Jerry Cortesi and Dan Del Boccio will bring you back to a time when AM radio and classic rock was king of the air waves.

  1. It Happens to Us All
  2. Hungry for Your Love (featuring Al Herda)
  3. Can’t Get You Out of My Head
  4. Now That You’re Gone
  5. I Must Be Dreaming
  6. Run, Johnny, Run
  7. See You Hear You Feel You
  8. Do the Twisted Creek (featuring  Al Herda)
  9. Growin’ Old Beats Dyin’ Young (featuring  Al Herda)
  10. Good Night Everyone (featuring Roberta Cortesi)
  • All DJ voiceovers performed by Glen Dacy.

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